Welcome, spark of light.
I'm Eveline.

As a transpersonal coach and visionary writer, my mission is to assist you on the path towards true inner power and enthusiasm - the results of your bold self-expression in life and career.

I'm a world-curious, poetic-hearty seeker who has spent the last 8 years traveling around the glob. Ultimately, I've settled in Spain where is my current home.

All that time, apart from my own place on Earth, I was looking for something else...myself.

I've learned that when all we do is being fueled by a desire to be real, life starts reflecting our greatest self. We simply can't fit anymore in the tight structures of our old reality. There's something inside us that calls for freedom and it's restless...

   It's the birth of this part of us that longs for feeling alive and in-spired again. It knows that if we focus more on the inner voice than on the noise outside, we'll thrive in life designed just for us.

And! It want it to be an authentic work of art.

I'm here to assist you in transforming fear into love, anxiety into inner peace,
uncertainty into trust, so you can light your world
and create change for us all
while feeling fabulous in your own skin.

How I discovered my inner light 

I've always been a rebel for life in freedom. Freedom to be and do what feels like truth to me. I was looking for it living in ethnically diverse cities, choosing fascinating but "impractical" studies, or embarking on new adventures to remote places. I wanted to try all I could to find this unbounded, freaky, euphoric me.

The more I was chasing my freedom, the more it was slipping away.

In these hectic days, I was trying to live up to lots of impossible standards and I found out what it feels like to be lost. I wanted to prove myself continuously and be of service to others without noticing that I, as much as them, deserved my own care.

However, when I first decided to become an entrepreneur, I got the special message from the universe: Wait a minute! Before this idea came to me, I'd been trying for years to fit in jobs and environments where I didn't belong.

I was "a circle insisting on becoming a square" - someone gifted with ideas and passion to serve, but afraid to take a leap into what she truly loves- coaching, yoga and music. The outer world was just reflecting my profound desire for healing.

And then I felt that if I want to give the world something meaningful, I have to face myself first.

I started letting go of false beliefs and limiting habits that were keeping me in the past. I dived deep into these parts of me that I didn't want to see and gave them love.

I began feeling lighter when I found strength to say goodbye to what wasn't serving me anymore. Something cracked open and I discovered a feeling of oneness within and with all around me that I hadn't known before.

I realized that inner integrity coming from embracing all we are is what brings us to the state of connection with all living things. It's the place we secretly crave for no matter where we're now on our path.

The new choices I made thanks to my discovery led me to the real inner freedom and then the outer. I connected with my source of enthusiasm and it totally revolutionized my lifestyle. I've started choosing what makes me feel vibrant and fit: vegetarian food, yoga and singing. In spite of that, I know that it’s just the beginning of a life-long dance with my brightest self.

As a result of it all, I've realized 2 essential things:

New enthusiastic way of living requires a new enthusiastic way of thinking.

It's about getting to the edge of our life when being "our old us" simply hurts. When there's boredom and newly awaken desire of making an art from our world. Something, you know, others can get inspired by when they look at it and feel instantly more alive. To sum up: it's about self-love - trusting that there's much more to us than meets the eye.

The real power is the inner power which comes from mastering and expressing ourselves.

We're originally whole and perfect. When I say "mastering" I don't mean "improving" ourselves, but releasing the heaviness that is stopping us from feeling who we really are. Lightness comes when we welcome all emotions and show up in life just as we are with a vibrant open heart. The more transparent we let ourselves be, the more courageous we really are.

Which brings me to here and now.

Today, as a certified Transpersonal Coach, I'd like to share all I learned with you. My O.N.E.N.E.S.S. coaching method has been prepared to help you explore yourself and set the foundation for the life you crave.

The essence of my work is to create the space where you can master your mindset and articulate your desires to start feeling prosperous in whatever you aspire to. Through unraveling what oneness means for you and how you’d like to respond thanks to it to the world around you, you’ll become your own leader and fierce force for good.

Do you want to live your life on your own terms?

I work with women & men who desire to live their unique vision and serve the world through it by embracing
who they are with passion and courage.

Ready to dive in? Here is how you can start.

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If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world changes towards him.

M. Gandhi

What I love the most

TRAVELING & LANGUAGES. My top places are Mexico, Colombia, Italy & South Africa. I love their variety of colors, tastes and landscapes. I speak English, Spanish, Italian and Polish.
SEA. Silence broken by the soothing sound of waves is the most magnetic mantra for me. 
THE RELATIONSHIP WITH MY MUM. We understand each other without words.
MUSIC. Faithful companion and the greatest healer. 
DOGS. They put me in a good mood instantly!
YERBA MATE. Gives me lots of positive vibes and energy.
ETHNIC JEWELRY. Makes my life even more colorful + moves my playful spirit.
AJÍ. I add it as an essential ingredient to almost everything: salads, soups or...coffee!
YOGA. Helps me reconnect with myself and stay inspired.
CONNECTION WITH THE DIVINE. Gives me strength and faith that everything in life happens for my greater good. 
GREEN SMOOTHIES & MOSCATO GOLD WINE. Energizing vitamin bomb of joy & white sparkling delight of bubbling fireworks in my body!
COSMOS. Makes me marvel on the vastness of the universe and its mysteries. I was born under the Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon & Leo Ascendant.