Coaching Sessions

My 1:1 Coaching Session reconnect you with your
own center of truth and power.

I create a healing space for you, so you can discover what's holding you back,
gain a clear vision on what you desire and embrace your heart’s calling.

Right now you might feel stuck in a job you loathe, relationship that drags you down, challenging circumstances that test your strength, or you've simply lost your sense of wonder and stopped believing in yourself.

You'd like to take the first step to break free. You've been reading books and taking lots of different courses, but the lasting change seems to be out of grasp.  

◆  Have you been trying to leave old beliefs behind and give your life a fresh meaning, but without result?

◆ Are you wondering how to put into effect a new healthy routine, trust your intuition and make choices that support your wellbeing?

◆  Would you like to express yourself with enthusiasm, feel good in your own skin and bring to life the amazing idea you keep thinking about?

If your answer is yes, then this is the place. :)

Let's uncover which ways of thinking and habits keep you from manifesting your purpose. You'll see that by changing your mindset and committing fully to your action steps, the reality will start transforming to reflect your new choices.

What does a Coaching Session with me look like?

It's filled with mind and heart-opening questions and tools that will help you dive deep to find your own answers. You'll have a chance to look closely into your inner contrasts that make you totally unique but are in a constant battle.

My O.N.E.N.E.S.S. coaching method will let you integrate the scattered parts of yourself, find clarity in those areas of life where you feel stuck and focus on creating what matters for you the most. You'll reconnect with the sense of enthusiasm through expressing your peculiarities, embracing inner darkness and finding your greatest strengths.

It'll all be possible thanks to the self-discipline we'll work on together- the radical mix of self-love and self-care.

Man is asked to make of himself what he is supposed to become to fulfill his destiny. Paul Tillich

This is how our session will look like split into 7 parts:

O- Objective - This is the moment to formulate an objective which has to be specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and time-paced. Clarity and passion are your engine here.

N- New Mindset - You create a new presence and future only if you've processed the past. At this stage, you'll discover the limitations that keep you from going forward.

E- Express Yourself - You connect here with your unique self through discovering special gifts you bring to the world. You'll explore the most genuine part of you- its strengths, its peculiarities and its magic.

N- New Action Steps - You create your own exciting and efficient action plan to reach your objective and start putting your gifts into action.

E- Empowerment - Our inner power comes from the sense of direction, clarity and self-trust. It grows with commitment to our goal.

S- Summary - You’ll gather all the jams from the session and share your insights to gain awareness of what has changed in you.

S- Start - This is the last but the most important part of the coaching session. You go out to the real world to start consciously building your new reality. Your action plan is your map. You are the creator of your vision.

Every session, apart from the first one, starts with your reflections about what you learned and experienced while realizing your action steps.

Does it sound like something for you? 

There are 2 modalities of working together: doing sessions separately or starting the program which includes 8 sessions and additional materials.

If you choose the second one, your Lead Your Life With Love Program will include:

◆ INNER CLARITY WORKBOOK & CREATIVE VISION JOURNAL: They encourage you to brainstorm and heartstorm by guiding you through a series of questions and exercises. It let you clarify your deepest needs.

60- MINUTE SEEING CLEARLY SESSION: You take a closer look at your Workbook and Journal to create the objective of the program.

6 * 60-MINUTE 1:1 COACHING SESSION: Every session sets the tone for a new sub-objective that helps you reach your final great objective of the program. You’ll have a chance to look at a given theme in a way that inspires you to think differently, take action and create change.

ACTION GUIDE: This tailor-made Action Guide is a step-by-step, practical map that you receive at the end of every session to stay focused on your objective.

60- MINUTE FOLLOW-UP SESSION: You'll be able to use it within 1 month of completing the program to clear up anything you wish.

◆ ENDLESS SUPPORT DURING THE PROGRAM: Before and after every session you get a sheet with additional questions to stay committed. You can also write to me anytime between our sessions to receive extra support.

I also offer additional materials: videos, audios or books suggestions if you’re interested.

Ready to dive in? Here's how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Chat via email . It’ll let you ask for more details, clarify any doubts and see if we might be a good match. 
Step 2. At the scheduled time, we'll consult! We can do it through the phone/Skype.
Step 3. Now we're ready to start! If you decide to work with me, I'll give you the details and materials of our 1:1 Coaching Program.

Any questions? Email

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The way I work

Transpersonal Coaching combines the coaching tools and efficiency with the depth of transpersonal psychology giving us the chance to go beyond our personality and see life and ourselves from a different perspective - the one of your essence.

Together we'll uncover your inner limitations and abilities, so you can embrace your uniqueness and create whatever you secretly crave.

I'm here to create a safe and loving space, so you can find your own answers, connect to your inner source of power and make changes that support your wellbeing and higher purpose.

I hold a Professional Transpersonal Coach Certificate from Escuela Transpersonal de Coaching Inner Key in Madrid, but above all else I went through my own transformation that made me realize what challenges await those of us who yearn for living from the heart.

Set you course by the stars,
not by the lights of every passing ship.

O. Bradley


Where our sessions take place?
Our sessions take place via Skype or in a personal meeting if you currently stay in Barcelona and they can be held in English, Spanish or Polish.