Completing the old cycle with grace – goodbye 2018

When I look back at 2018 and all that it brought to me, I instantly connect to its general straightforward message: create change in yourself through relationships with others. It was a big year of growth for me in that sense. Almost every person I met gifted me some important lesson about how to become truer and more empowered version of myself.

Of course, it didn’t feel like that right away. Some situations made me experience a deep sadness as I put faith in relationships and projects that didn’t turn out to be beneficial for me in a long run. They happened to be great tests from the universe of my ability to express openly what I think or feel, even if someone wasn’t eager to understand it.


There was a huge desire inside me to be reborn, expand and focus on something that could let me express myself freely. The old structures seemed suffocating. I didn’t see a place for growth there for me anymore.


The other thing I’ve learned was to respect my space, time and energy. I found myself investing these vital resources in experiences that didn’t feel right from the beginning. Although my inner voice was trying to keep me away from some people and circumstances, I let myself dive into them and this taught me a lot about personal boundaries.

2018 was the 11 Universal Year and my Personal Year number 2. It was a constant dance between staying with others and connecting intimately with myself; collaboration and focus on my own interests in solitude; giving and receiving. I saw clearly the limiting patterns that were playing out in my relationships and I realized they had a great influence on other areas of my life as well.


Now I know that there’s nothing more powerful that the inner knowing which helps us discern what is aligned with our path or not. If we follow it, no matter what others think about us, we create the results we crave.


And not only this. We save unnecessary stress, confusion and discomfort everyone involved. That’s why being true to myself became my number one principle this year. From now on, I intend to carry it within me wherever I go.

Now, if you still haven’t done your reflection about 2018, I’d like to share with you the list of questions that you can use:


What were the main themes and discoveries of 2018?

What do you think this year was about to teach you?

How did you grow and expand in 2018?

Who is the person you’ve become?

What changes did you bring into your life?

What are you most proud of yourself for?

What would you rather leave behind?

Did you leave something unfinished or neglected?

What would you change to create different result in the new year?


Maybe there were some intentions that you didn’t nurture last year and you couldn’t see any outcome in relation to them. Pay attention to what you put aside, so you can create a change around that in 2019.

What new desires, dreams and visions have been gestating in your heart that you are now ready to move towards and give life to?

Take some time to reflect on these questions. It’s enormously powerful to finish the old chapter with gratitude, clarity and openness to change.


I’d like to share with you 3 principles based on the inner work practices that changed my reality in 2018.

1. I stepped into my power when it comes to my relationships and projects.

I started making choices that support the way I want to feel in my life on a daily basis. I decided to take distance from people and circumstances that make me shrink to focus on what is expansive, real and aligned with a vision I hold for myself. This is why I brought to life my own musical project and began a yoga teacher training. What I value the most about them is that they give me a lot of creative freedom.

Are you giving your power away to relationships, situations and activities that don’t make you feel good? What would you like to create instead?


2. I stopped compromising my values and I centered on what my heart desires.

In the second half of the year I left my daily job and put all energy to the things that have a true meaning for me: music, coaching and yoga. I needed to make sure that I was acting from the place of love and possibility, rather than making choices from scarcity, self-doubt and fear.

Is there anything that you don’t feel happy with? What was guiding your choices when you let this relationship, career, home or habits enter your life? Was it love or fear, excitement or security, expansion or comfort? Are you taking courageous decisions or are you lowering your standards to fit in and feel “safe”?


3. I let myself flow with life and surrender to something bigger than myself.

After hitting a wall few times and trying to control and push to speed up my growth process, I finally let myself surrender to a higher wisdom and trust the sacred timing of the universe. I stopped fighting with life, resisting its important lessons and getting frustrated with the way things unfold. My body and different circumstances showed me that I need to be like the wind guided by some wise invisible force. This is when I feel synchronized with the rhythm of nature and when, paradoxically, things move with greater ease.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up. It means allowing, acceptance and trust in the ultimate goodness of life. Are you embracing the reality and focusing on possibilities it brings you, even if it’s a very difficult situation?


This is my wrap up of 2018. I hope you found here something that will help you complete the old cycle with grace and start the new year with more inspiration, clarity and focus. I’d be happy to know that 2018 was a year filled with wonderful moments, enriching lessons and unforgettable experiences for you.

No matter how hard some of them could be, they were still a gift for us, so we can keep on evolving and growing in our power. If there’s something from 2018 that still asks you for healing and positive resolution, dedicate time to transform it. Then you’ll be able to greet 2019 with an open heart and be ready for all magical opportunities that await you in the new year.

Thank you so much for being here. I can’t wait to shower you with more articles, videos and programs in 2019. Talk to you soon.


What is your main takeaway from this post? Share your reflections in the comments section below.


With Infinite Bliss and Love,

Eveline x




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