Coronavirus: the pathway towards love or fear?

Do you feel your heartbeat? The Life pulsating in your veins with desire to express itself through you with intensity and passion? What occupies your mind right in this moment?…

Coronavirus. What an interesting name for a great game changer in the world sent to us to transform the old, smash all lies and show us the truth. When I pause to think of it I see the possibility for opening our crown chakra to gain ultimate enlightenment. I connect with the lungs of the Mother Earth and the lungs of each one of us holding grief and fear ready to be released once and for all. I hear the silence and in it the soft voice of our withered hearts knocking… The hearts that long to feel alive again, free from outworn rules and habits that served their purpose and now stick to us like the old filthy coat, heavy with oppression, limitation and boredom.

We all need something new at all levels collectively. The mental patterns and emotions we’ve been attached to for so long can’t be carried with us to the new world emerging right now. The vibration on the planet changes and anything which is not aligned with it will drop away. Like the cells in the body ready to transform, we need to work personally on sustaining the Earth. If not, it’ll continue its cycle without us, or at least without some of us…

The gift of Corona is time and with it greater clarity and focus. Some things we’ll see or feel within us won’t be pleasant. They might be even unbearable. But with pain the possibility for a new identity will appear, the one connected with existence and beauty hidden in simple details of everyday life.

We often think that the raise of consciousness comes with meditation. However, more often than not, it manifests after a strong shock for humanity which wakes us up from the sleep and forces to do something of value for ourselves and the world. Now we get a chance to transmute our shadow for greater good of all. So instead of making jokes or judging others’ reaction to crises, we might rather go through some self-reflection and observe carefully what happens around us.

This is the moment to take the reins of our lives and strengthen our body, mind and spirit to be of service to our environment. It’s an opportunity to nurture our self-love and then gift it to anyone who needs our help: a shoulder to cry on, a friendly ear to listen or a shared space with someone dear to them.

Coronavirus makes us dance between two different realms: the one of heightened intuition and the one of fear. At some point we’ll need to choose the path we want to walk from now on as we’ll be more and more pressured to change. Nothing can protect us more from any disease or discomfort than love. This is the greatest boost not only to our immune system, but first and foremost to our soul – our true eternal nature incarnated to do something extraordinary here on Earth.

Never before have we been called upon to band together with similar intensity. If we are to survive as species, we need to share the same life-affirming intention to create a new better world, each one starting with his/her own mind and heart and actions. The old structures are falling apart, not only collectively but also personally. Let’s choose wisely what to take with us. The change starts now, right here, in the silence of the heart. Will we be able to hear its calling?….

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  • AnnaMarch 17, 2020 - 8:14 pm

    That’s a real question: which Path to follow?ReplyCancel

  • bets10 girisApril 25, 2022 - 11:28 am

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