Rosa Brissos

Eveline’s kindness and loving energy embraced our work together. It's incredible how she can calm down a storm. There were days when it was bringing the home down and thanks to her guidance I could go through the process successfully. For me it was clear that I wanted to work with her. She gave me a greater understanding about my life, not only about the present moment but also about my past and future possibilities. I got tremendous insights on how things were unfolding and why. It made me become much more grounded as I understood my roots and I found out how to proceed forward. Her energy made my heart and soul feel peaceful. I'm extremely gratefully for all that Eveline has done for me and for the incredible things that unfolded after that. I can say that my life went through an upgrade. I’m much more connected to myself and to my purpose. For the first time ever, I know I’m on the right path.

Gabriela Sijer

There are many coaches out there these days but few can engage with you as wholeheartedly as Eveline can. She'll go above and beyond to understand where you're at in your life and to put herself in your shoes before you begin your journey together. The journey itself will be one of understanding and awakening. With Eveline's help you'll come to realize what's been stopping you from living the fullest, truest version of yourself and she'll help you devise a viable plan on how to get there. It's not an easy journey, but Eveline's radiant warmth, patience and professional approach makes this personal challenge so much more joyful and attainable. It was without doubt a very enriching experience.

Lourdes Bourdiel

Eveline is an excellent coach. She's empathic and caring, but in the same time challenges you a lot when needed. I felt that she accompanied me truly during the process. She's a great professional knowing very well how to use the tools she has. Being responsible and respectful herself, she reminded me about being responsible for my own decisions as well. Thanks to her astrology sessions I understood the meaning of many experiences I went through. Despite the young age, her sessions are profound and life-changing.

Raquel Lendines

During my work with Eveline I felt that she revived the memories of my childhood and I managed to give them meaning that I couldn't figure out before. I understood what makes me the person I am now and the role the other people play in my life. It was an incredible experience to connect myself with some particular moments. I realized that all of them were perfect and necessary. My intuition became my biggest asset as I started to pay more attention to it and trust it. What's more, I started to see the old "mistakes" as experiences. Now I know that it depends on me to see them in a certain way. Eveline didn't give me advice. She managed to make me give it myself.

Miguel Gonzalo

Talking about a session with Eveline is like talking about a bomb of emotions kept hidden in a deep corner of the soul. If the term "exhausting" had a positive meaning, that would be the definition of a session with her. It was like a carousel of sensations, that in a continuous movement up and down guided me through the highest and lowest places of the soul transiting through unexplored prairies. This made me progress because through understanding my past I could see the present moment with more clarity. Thanks to confidence and tenderness of Eveline's words I discovered how to experience changes in my life. The main massage was to love myself and know that I can achieve anything I aspire to. Her optimism helped me renew my energy, so I can feel once again that everything is possible. Eveline, I appreciate a lot your patience, strength and light.

Anna Czerwiec

Sessions with Eveline can be compared to the meeting with Alice on the other side of the mirror. Suddenly, I hear a different voice telling me that something more than my well-worn beliefs is possible. It is like directing rays of light on a hidden treasure inside us. At the beginning you are amazed, then you can’t believe it’s happening. Finally, coaching sessions with Eveline in the atmosphere of openness and trust open us up to new wonderful opportunities. We start the process of brightening the treasure and expressing joy because of its existence. Our vision becomes more clear and the solution tangible. This is what coaching with Eveline can bring and much more.

Sandra Modrak

Eveline loves what she does. Her passion, engagement and joy of spirit are contagious! During our sessions I felt truly heard. She engaged whole-heartedly in my situation, so that I could find my own answers and choose the best path for me. Eveline helps us achieve wonderful results, but ultimately everything depends on us. It is we who should take the first step and make a change, but thanks to Eveline unreal becomes totally workable. I really recommend coaching sessions with Eveline. She will motivate you from the first moment.