Returning home to your true self

Do you know this feeling when you look around your life and see everything but the reflection of who you really are? What is exactly that you feel? Is it sadness? Is it frustration or anger? Or maybe it’s the burning question inside you screaming- is that all there is? Is this the reason why I’m here?

When we were kids we saw life as an amazing adventure where everything we imagine has a chance to take form. We were courageous enough to dream big, because we knew that we’ve been created for great things. Our hearts were set on fire with desire to leave a mark on the world and we didn’t care if we’re rich or famous to be able to do it.

I see it constantly in my work with children. They’re full of enthusiasm and zeal that are contagious.

Children know that they are butterflies destined to fly high and create change by simply being who they are. And they certainly do it, right now, thanks to the energy they spread around.

I’d love them to stay this way forever and keep this light burning bright. But in most cases something different happens. The expectations and standards that society, parents and teachers put on us make this inner flame slowly fade away by feeding us with well-packed images and values that force us to conform. Try not to and you’ll be labeled as not cool enough or even worse- worthless. And you’ll feel this way and think that maybe something is utterly wrong with you.

Please, don’t buy into this lie. Take it as a fuel to make something with your life that is extraordinary and exciting FOR YOU. Let yourself be original and real. Let yourself be you.


Flaming away or fading away? Which one you choose?


It all starts with making decision to release the out-worn ways of thinking and behaving that were not you from the beginning. This way you’ll be able to make space for your true self to emerge, the one you were as a little kid. It’s not about improving yourself because you’ve never stopped being perfect. It’s about remembering who you are and giving this authentic part of you the necessary care, support and attention to come through.

This is actually the widely known process of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly but in human form. The first one gave us the chance to know more about life and ourselves. It took us on a journey through the depth of human experience and inspired us to use its delicate silk to start the metamorphosis in our life. The second one holds the key to all we can become.


We need to shed the cocoon of our comfort zone by slowly moving through it, if we want to grow into a beautiful butterfly, spread our wings and fly to the open sky full of new amazing things for us.


This transition can be stressed-filled and uncertain time. It was certainly for me. But the promise of starting over living my true purpose was so worth it. It made me stronger, more creative and real. I discovered that the new doors start opening for us when we open first ourselves to them through inner work, loving support and unshakable faith.

And my heart’s deepest prayer is the courage and belief that we all can make it happen.


In the following post, I’ll dive deeper into this topic and give you some suggestions on how to navigate the period of change.

Have you already started your metamorphosis?

What is exactly you’d like to change?

What challenges have you encountered by now?

Share your story!

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