What do we bring to the world?

How often do we expect the world to give us something we desire and if it doesn’t come we blame it for being unfair with us?

I found it to be the biggest issue we deal with as human beings. We feel entitled to get certain things, like money, position, recognition, etc. Why? Because we put so much effort to “succeed” by choosing the best education, stressing out and ultimately working more than living. Then, if what we’ve defined as success doesn’t come, we get frustrated and disheartened. We start pointing fingers at people who we feel are responsible for our faith and we lose hope.

I was there too. My frustration with the rhythm of life and its own sacred pace were getting the best out of me. I was so much in my needs, wants and lacks that I couldn’t see literally anything else. Rage was running through my veins like hot lava making me even more disconnected from myself and the world around me.

Then, one day I finally realized that it actually brings me nowhere and this beautiful phrase popped into my head while I was journaling:


It’s not about what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it.


What if there’s some other way to live and manifest our dreams? What if it has to do more with our vibration than with our titles, abilities and social background?

Everything is energy and what we send to the world, we receive multiplied. Some call it karma, others say it’s justice. Often we don’t see the effects of our mental processes until much later in life. That’s why we may struggle to find the origin of a situation. Still, the seed has already been planted, even though it happened unconsciously.

It means that if we shower the world with gratitude for where we are right now in our lives, we attract even more abundance. It means also that if our intentions are pure and we keep others in mind when we strive to achieve something, the universe cooperates with us and helps us on our way. Unfortunately, it signifies also that if we get frustrated and focus on lack, we receive just the same: lack.

Of course, bringing anything to life involves lowering it to the physical plane through effective planning, action and perseverance, but the right mindset is the key.


Now I know that if there’s anyone I should expect something from, it can be only me.


Today I choose to be grateful.

I choose to trust.

I choose to celebrate the world with my gifts for the simple pleasure of doing it.

I choose to be responsible for the frequency of my emotions, thoughts and words.

And I let myself observe what happens. 🙂


What about you? What is your receipt for manifesting the reality you desire?

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