What is Alchemical Astrology?

Alchemical Astrology let us explore our inner universe to dissolve and transform any limiting belief on the path to our personal fulfillment.

During the session we look close to your energetic blueprint. You participate actively to relate on a deeper level with the symbols and start recognizing them in your daily life.

Getting to know your natal chart, enables you to use energy consciously to create life circumstances aligned with your personal life purpose.

If you feel confused right now, the session will give you a new sense of direction, help you go beyond your limits and connect strongly with your own inner voice.

Our session together provides you with many essential details valid during whole life. You'll receive additional material, such as affirmations, powerful questions to raise your awareness, visual representation of your archetypes and others.

Please note you will need to provide your date, place and time of birth.

If you don't know your time of birth, we still can do the reading although we won't get some important information.

Ready to explore your inner self?

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Would you like to discover your life purpose?

Life Purpose Reading

Your energetic plan shows these traits that you've considered to be the most compelling to develop in your life. An intuitive insight into them helps you emphasize the parts of you that can be the source of challenges but also joy and fulfillment once you consciously master your energy.

Your individual Life Purpose Reading helps you:
Draw a map of your own personal life's journey and see its deeper meaning.
◆ See your life situation from a higher perspective and understand their hidden message for you.
Find your personal solution to alleviate the moments of crisis.
Connect with your desires.
Discover your unique gifts, strengths and peculiarities.
Become a conscious creator of your reality and therefore attract the circumstances and people who align with your purpose and help you achieve your goals.

Includes: 90 minute Life Purpose Reading (previously prepared) via Skype or in a face-to-face meeting

Your Child’s Life Purpose Reading

All children are born with special talents, unique qualities and their intention for life. That's why they choose their parents, place and time of birth to support them in fulfilling their particular life purpose. The given circumstances are always adequate because they assist them in their personal evolution.

Your Child's Life Purpose Reading helps you discover the gifts, intentions and challenges of your child. You'll be able to understand and direct him/her better towards fulfilling life. You'll find out what role as a parent you play in his/her journey and how you can do it with more sensitivity and confidence. Finally, you'll have a chance to know what your child has come to teach you and how you might grow as a parent and a person thanks to it.​

The mindful preparation for your baby's arrival or the improvement of existing connection, is the precious gift you can give yourself and your child. It'll make your relationship more harmonious and blissful.

Includes: 90 minute Your Child's Life Purpose Reading (previously prepared) via Skype or in a face-to-face meeting

Soulful Relationships

We recognize each other through our vibration.

Your partner is a perfect reflection of what you carry inside and as such- your greatest teacher. You both decided to find each other at some stage of your lives to grow together and actually help each other love who you are even more. You should know then that your relationship with yourself influences a lot the relationship with your partner.

That's why, during our session, you'll get to know better primarily yourself- your emotional, social and spiritual needs, the way you communicate with others and your aspirations. Then we'll look closely to the same aspects of your partner's story.

You'll find out what gifts he/she brings to the relationship, what his/her challenges are and how you can complement each other. What's more, we'll see how the male and female energy work within you both.

A mutual understanding and honest loving communication, will let you both blossom as a couple and become self-actualized as a partner and individual.

Please note you will need to provide your date, place and time of birth.

Includes: 90 minute session with energetic harmonization through meditation via Skype or in a face-to-face meeting.

Solar Return – Yearly Forecast

Solar Return is just another name for your birthday. Every year you get a chance to start anew with you personal solar return chart. It’s a chart calculated for the exact moment the Sun returns to its natal position which can let us see the tendencies and themes that will surface for you in a following year.

If you’d like to prepare yourself consciously for the upcoming opportunities and challenges to create the best possible outcomes in your life, schedule a session with me providing your date, time and place of birth. Together we’ll uncover these energetic patterns that you’d like to focus on in the nearest future.

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